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Acquired by H.B. Fuller
H.B. Fuller Company (NYSE: FUL), the biggest pureplay adhesives company in the world, has acquired ND ĢƵ Inc., a leading provider of specialty adhesives and fastener locking and sealing solutions.Read full Press Release
Attention Customers:3M is currently experiencing a Force Majeure event impacting fastener adhesive products 2353B, 2353Y, 2510N, and 2510R. We are unable to coat parts with these materials and recommend adding a comparable ND formula to your prints.Click to learn more
Attention Customers:3M has discontinued ĢƵ Sealant 4291. We are unable to coat parts with this material and recommend moving to our ST-3 formulation.Click to Learn about ST-3

Advanced Fastening &
Sealing Technologies

Innovative pre-applied materials, developed and manufactured in-house since 1955. Servicing a wide variety of industries including automotive, electronics, aerospace, appliance, and many more. Choose ND ĢƵ for all your pre-applied fastener needs.

When safety and quality matter, turn to ND ĢƵ for engineered solutions to all your locking and sealing related problems. Our knowledge and expertise in the pre-applied fastener industry is second to none.

Fastener failure can compromise even the best designs.


The strongest pre-applied threadlocker available on the market. Expands 20-50% on installation, penetrating gaps in fastener threads. Works especially well on inert metals such as brass or stainless steel and under-sized threads.

Value Added Service

Attention Fastener Distributors... Use ND pre-applied processing power to: • Increase the value of your fasteners • Add profits to your bottom line • Add value to you as a supplier • All without adding to inventory costs
ND Patch Hi-Temp Can Take The Heat
The highest temperature patch in the industry. The chemical structure of ND Patch Hi-Temp allows it to be applied at a low temperature protecting the fastener finish, yet able to withstand up to 500°F.
Meets MIL-DTL-18240F.
Trusted Source for QPL-Approved NAS Parts
Fully traceable with manufacturer's certification of conformance. Over 55 years of service to the Aerospace, Automotive, Military and OEM markets.

When standard threadlockers fail... THERMOLOC can take the heat


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ND ĢƵ is a manufacturer of solutions for locking, bonding, sealing, masking, lubricating, and assembling fasteners. ND pre-applies any of a wide selection of custom manufactured materials onto fasteners, so that they are ready to use at the point of assembly. This results in reduced labor costs, time savings, and quality assurance for our customers.

Our Capabilities

As a fully integrated company, we do it all. We make the materials, build the application equipment and handle all aspects of operations from formulating custom chemical compositions and coating fasteners to providing advanced in-line inspection, packaging and delivery services. Find out how we can assist you on your next project.

Customer Service

As a family owned business, our goal has always been to provide customers with unmatched personalized service and support.  Knowledge gained as both an applicator and a chemical manufacturer gives us extra insight and control over how to meet even the toughest requirements. Our processing divisions deal directly with regional customers and pride themselves on their quality and delivery.

Our ĢƵ


Steps involved in the pre-application of fasteners

  • 1


    ĢƵ Selection

    Our sales and R&D staff will help you find the right pre-applied process to meet your performance specifications.

  • 2


    Send us your parts

    Once a selection has been made, have your fasteners shipped to one of our worldwide processing centers.

  • 3



    Utilizing custom, high-speed equipment, we apply the necessary materials to your exact specification.

  • 4


    Complete Parts Returned

    Once processing is complete, parts are shipped back ready for distribution or assembly.

CrownSite Resources

Download Material Safety, Technical, and ĢƵ Data Sheets for ND chemical materials.

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Quality Certifications

Compliance and quality certifications for corporate, support, processing divisions, and licensees.

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NAS & MS Fasteners

Learn about ND's NAS & MS Fastener products and search for available parts in our inventory.

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Feature Comparisons

Compare side by side the main performance features of each ND ĢƵ process.

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ĢƵ Cross References

Cross over ND ĢƵ materials to competitors. Each listed by type and material series.

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Specs and Approvals

Automotive, Military, Aerospace, and OEM specifications / standards listing for each ND process and material.

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Founded in 1955, ND ĢƵ develops and supplies high quality fastener coating products and services to a wide variety of industries.

  • Strategically located processing centers
  • R&D, Compound Blending, Design Engineering
  • ISO & A2LA Certified
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  • World class support team
  • Fast processing and delivery
  • Global processing centers
  • Diversified product portfolio
  • Industry specified materials
  • Don’t be single sourced


  • Fully integrated company
  • Research & Development Division
  • Chemical Blending Division
  • Machine Design Division
  • Bottling and Packaging Division
  • Global ĢƵing Divisions


  • Industry proven products
  • Speeds assembly process
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Eliminates wasted materials
  • Increases quality control
  • Limits operator errors


Did you know we also manufacture a full line of bottled adhesives and sealants? Check out our ĢƵ products for cost savings up to 50% over name brands.

Increase product quality while saving time and money with ĢƵ adhesives and sealants.